Vertical Retail Solutions (VRS) stands strong on a foundation of more than forty years of experience in residential and commercial real estate development and twelve years in retail services. VRS offers retail service consolidation services in order to deliver a comprehensive turnkey solution for opening your retail stores. You can feel confident in the fact that the supporting staff of this company brings a wealth of experience in retail store planning, ranging from design consultation and construction, fixture installation and merchandising services, to logistical solutions including transportation and warehousing. Vertical Retail Solutions’ Chief Executives have more than twenty-five years in the financial and venture capital markets. We possesses the ability to analyze, properly budget and execute your projects and are highly competitive in the contemporary market. Vertical Retail Solutions will bring your project within budget and on time. Our mission is to provide you and your organization with outstanding quality of service while always keeping your needs first and foremost with everything we do.

VRS concentrates its retail service consolidation efforts throughout the United States and Canada. We are able to provide you with personalized service and pay strict attention to detail assuring a smooth operating program. VRS is capable of managing any of your large or small retail projects simultaneously. Together with our affiliates, VRS will implement and manage national programs for you. VRS can help you with all of your construction, installation, merchandising, transportation and warehousing needs. We will supply you with qualified representation for each and every project regardless of scope.

Vertical Retail Solutions stands ready to extend its services to your organization. Let us help you achieve any and all of your retail store goals. At VRS, no project is a small project. Remember, in retail, good design will attract attention, however, successful implementation will create sales. If you have questions about how our retail service consolidation program can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us.